Departure Facilities at Terminal 2 Heathrow Airport

Terminal 2 is within the main airport complex off junction 4 of the M4 motorway. It is reached through the airport approach tunnel and is on the left beyond Terminal 1.

The Short Stay Car Park 2 entrance is just past the Terminal 2 building and is on the right hand side, just follow the signs.

If you are wishing to just drop off passengers there is a drop off point just outside the terminal, but do not leave cars unattended as they will be towed and there is a charge for recovery.

Heathrow Terminal 2 Check In

There have been renovations to the check-in floor which have created a brighter and cleaner environment. On entering at street level, the Lufthansa desks are to the left of the main check-in area, Air France is to the right. Other check-in desks can be identified from the overhead TV monitors.

After check-in all services and the departure gates are on the upper level Departures floor. For those in need of a hand Skycap porters are available for a flat fee of £7 including tip, free to people with special needs.

There are a few facilities within the check in area below:
Luggage Trolleys: Free, available outside the terminal and occasionally in the car park.
Toilets: To the right of check-in level.
Pay Phones: These are located throughout the terminal taking coins and credit cards.
Smoking Area: These can be found at each end of check-in area near the entry doors. There is also a new smoking area on the upper floor next to the Costa Coffee outlet.
Left Luggage: Located at the left end of the floor beside the Lufthansa check-in. Costs are £2.50 per item for up to 6 hours, £3.00 per item for 12 hours and £3.50 per 24 hour period. Opening hours: 06:00 - 22:30.
Departures Area: Terminal 2's upper level is split between the departures area on the right and arrivals on the left. Due to the close proximity of these many services such as catering and shops are centrally located and shared by both. Listed below are the facilities available here.
Toilets: Located behind stairs to mezzanine floor. Baby care room beside Mens toilet.
Pay Phones: In various areas.
Currency Exchange: There are two Bureaux de Change in Departure area, Travelex opening hours: 05:45 - 21:00 and ICE opening hours: 06:00 to 21:00. There is another ICE Bureau opening hours: 07:00 - 19:00 and another two Bureaux serving the Arrivals area, ICE opening hours: 06:00 - 23:00 and Travelex Opening hours: 06:30 - 22:30.
ATMs: Behind the stairs to the mezzanine floor, most domestic and international cards accepted.
Information Desk: The airport enquiries desk is opposite the stairs to the mezzanine level.
Smoking Area: Beside the Costa Coffee outlet.
Mail Services: There is a Post Office below the mezzanine floor next to the toilets. Opening hours: 08:30-17:30 Monday-Saturday, 09:00-13:00 on Sundays.
Left Luggage: There are none in the Arrivals / Departures areas. The nearest is downstairs in the check-in area on the lefthand side (Lufthansa) end. Costs £2.50 per item for up to 6 hours, £3.00 for 12 hours, £3.50 per 24 hour period. Opening hours 06:00 - 22:30.
Food and Drink: Meals, light refreshments and a bar are located on the mezzanine level above the shopping area. There is a coffee bar on the main level. See our full restaurant & bar listing.
Shopping: There is a limited range of outlets available, however the extended seating area provides extra choice. For a wider selection at better prices go Airside to the duty free oulets. See our full outlet listing.

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